ember demon bugs

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so ive tested ember demons and i finally know why they are such a pain in the ass.
however first id like to point out when you use prophecy, the range disc wich shows how far prophecy explores causes the ember demons to show real ugly square VFX.

on to the actual bug: in the tool tip it says when exploding a bonechiller trap, it does tremendous damage to ember demons. i never figured out why players were still able to ovcerrun me even though i countered ember demons with bone chillers.
turns out using the bonechiller trap does a whole lot less damage then "tremendous" it only damages for like half a flower petal at best
so in short they should be taking more damage from the bonechiller if this was designed to be a counter against ember demons, for right now its almost downright useless

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Sonny Bos

first off the squared issue

seccond the amount of damage a bonechiller does: take note that ive already used 2 bonechillers in order to get less then one petal off

Jan - Eric Merzel
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this has been changed for 1.4 you can use Quickfreeze potions to kill them instantaneous though.

the visual issue has been reported but is way down the line as its a rather trivial issue and would take a while to fix