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Campaign mission 13 - Draw-bridge

FFT 7 years ago updated by [Dev] Nanorock (Programmer) 7 years ago 7 1 duplicate

I don't have much to go on this since I did not save the game.

After activating the two levers to lower the bridge, the bridge was in a lowered state, the sub-objective was accomplished and gone. However, none of my units could cross it. They were flailing away at it as if it was a solid barrier. At 750'000HP and always regenerating there was nothing I could do.

Only a few Occoluses and Bafus could get into the Emperor's throne room. 4~5 units at level 10 took forever to bring him down while my whole army was locked outisde and watching. After killing him I got the cutscene and 'my' 'victory'.

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thanks for your report i will investigate


i replicated the issue and it will be fixed soon

Hi, I had saved this and left the game ages ago because of a glitch. I tried playing again today and after destroying both winches, it still says only 1 of 2 destroyed in my mission objectives. I destroyed both of the purple mana towers but one of them has reappeared and my minions won't attack it... I'm at a loss. I'm not starting the mission again it took ages to get this far... :( please help.

@Bobby : Thank for bringing this to our attention
@Riva : As mentioned in the messages directly to you I can confirm this is true.


i already checked it and an issue already exists for that, im merging the threads

thanks for your report Bobby and thanks for answering Serjian ;)