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Can't get rid of spirits

Old Cat 7 years ago updated by [Dev] Nanorock (Programmer) 7 years ago 5

After the last patch spirits have infinite lifetime. However, since enemies can't see them and they even cannot be dropped into portal, you pretty much cannot get rid of them if you want to.

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uhhh, i can bring this up internally as a discussion, i dont see any issue with them being droppable into the core or the gateways but why is it an issue for you if i may ask?

In the campaign torture room unlocks much sooner that spirit chamber.

So you can make dozens of spirits, possibly hurting fps, with no way to get rid of them other than restart the map.

No really a bug, but a flaw in design.


this will be changed so that spirits can be dropped into gateways in the future

thanks for your suggestion.

@coders: Simburgur told me to accept it