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Crash Heart of Gold lvl 4

Olivier 7 years ago updated by Jan - Eric Merzel 7 years ago 4

  • Specify your platform
    • Windows
    • 10
    • 64bit
      • Ram 16GB
      • CPU i5-4460
      • GPU GTX 980
      • 2560x1440@60hz
  • Specify the build you are using : 1.4.0f4

I get random crashes during the last Heart of Gold mission. (Sometimes I can't even start the level).

Here is the crash report : 2016-05-29_132418.zip

Here is the output log : output_log.txt

Things I tried : Validating game cache, Reinstalling the game, installing new Nvidia drivers

Game Version:
Steam Public
Under Review

i send this directly to the coders

Looks like you're running out of texture memory. Try reducing the texture resolution in the graphics settings.


I managed to finish the level by saving a lot.

Ok I will reduce the textures next time. Thanks

Completed - Resolved