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Game crashed on exit while playing HoG

Nosferatu 7 years ago updated by Lee "Noontide" Moon (Designer & Community Manager) 7 years ago 9
After hitting "exit to windows", the game crashed twice (both times i played) while i played the new campaign HoG. My specs:

  • Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit
  • Intel Core i5 4570 @3.20 GHz
  • Asus AsRock motherboard
  • AMD Radeon R7 200 Series graphics card
  • 8GB Ram

Crash log 1

Crash log 2


Game Version:
Steam Public
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can you please tell me as much as you can about the level you were playing and what you did when you quit the game?


I've been playing the expansion on the 27th & 28th may; the first night i've finished HoG level 1 and played level 2 for about an hour or so (was just about to try sneeking past the empire patrols, but decided to go to bed at that point), then i saved the game, went to the main game menu and exited it by clicking on "exit to windows", then the game crashed and the report window came up.

The next day i started playing at the previous loading point, finished the second, third & fourth level (so the whole campaign), went to "my home realm" in the HoG campaign and messed around for about 20 minutes, then went back to the main menu and clicked on "exit to windows"; then the game crashed again and the report window came up.

Basicly, the crashes occured when i exited the game from the main menu; that's pretty much all i can tell you.


Btw, i've just recently updated my AMD Radeon drivers to the most recent beta driver - version 16.5.3; just in case if it might help in your investigation.

Another update on the same topic with another attached crash report. I've played the HoG expansion again tonight (30. 5.) and just played a skirmish map (Temple of Kira) against an easy AI; i beat the enemy and went to the main menu, then quit the game and got another crash:

Crash report 3

Btw, i've noticed that i stated the button wrong; it's not "exit to windows" but just "quit" - so to clarify, in each case i exited the game from the main menu (where you see your dungeon heart) by pressing the "quit" button.

you are currently the only one with this issue :)

ive brought this up to the coders already last thing that may be interesting if you are playing in another language than english?

the "quit" in the main menu is intentional

It's pretty weird for me too, you know, the game working fine but crashing when i exit it :D Btw, for me personally it's not a big deal since i exit it anyway and the game crashing doesn't bother me at that point, so by all means take your time with more important stuff.

As for the "quit" part, i meant that i wrote it wrong before (i wrote "exit to windows" when in truth it says "quit"), so nevermind that part ;)

It happened again tonight, so basicly every time i've exited the game after the 1.4 update. This time i played a skirmish game from the workshop called "Turncoats" for about an hour, saved my progress (in the "scenario" savegame tab), exited to the main menu and then exited the game via the quit button, bam, another crash; i can't upload the report for some reason, but it's probably more of the same stuff anyway.

Yes, i'm playing on a PC which has Windows in Slovenian; i've noticed in one of the crash reports that it says GetLastError:"Prišlo je do poskusa dostopa do neveljavnega naslova" which means "there was an attempt to access an invalid adress". I'm not an expert, but to me it looks like the game is trying to write some data somewhere when i exit it but can't do so and crashes becouse of that... might be becouse of the langauge? As in (just for instance), it tries to write to "My documents" but can't find the folder becouse it's "Moji dokumenti" or something like that?

I'll try the newest hotfix now, maybe it fixed something; if not, i'll just wait and let you know if it's fixed in the future.

Oh, if you meant if i play the game in another language, then no; i have everything set to english.


Newest update - i've found something interesting: i changed the campaign back to the normal one before exiting and the game didn't crash on exit this time; i then changed the selected campaign back to HoG and it crashed on exit again, so i'm guessing it has something to do with the HoG campaign main menu or the HoG campaign being selected. Here's the latest crash log:


Either way, no biggie; just letting you guys know :)

Completed - Resolved

Hi Nosferatu,

We've made a few changes in the latest patch. I'm going to mark this as complete as we assume it should have been fixed but if not then please get in touch!