map editor: Lava leaking

Sonny Bos 7 years ago updated by Biervampir [AUT] 7 years ago 8

so with this expansion came few new tiles, however i cant make lava leak onto a lava chasm, ive tried larger pools, smaller ones with the tiles needed but it wont make a lava-fall

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the lavafalls are seperate tiles, we do not support expanding lava into chasms autmatically through lava falls

so will this lava-fall tile be added to the map editor?

You have:
Blood - Lava Chasm - Lava - Liquid Gold

Chasm - Lava Fall - Lava (again?) - water

Perhaps that's the issue you ment

yeh there are multiple lava features however they just spawn lava, nothing special

You need to use the Lavafall Chasm combined with the Lava Chasm, and it will spawn a single Lavafall in the middle of a 3x1 area.

I'll open up the editor and grab you a screenshot to explain it better, give me 5 mins :)


That should hopefully explain it for you.

tnx this solved my issue

What's the 4th one?