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Unclaimable statue HoG Level 3

Emil Hemdal 7 years ago updated by Sunswords 7 years ago 7

See Screenshot then Game Log below

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Known Issue, we didn't have time to fix this before release.

The phrase "Oh im sure nobody will notice straight away, we'll fix it on Monday" may have been said... I'm pretty sure you just won me a bet ;)

Yep, noticed this one as well... it probably wouldn't be such a big deal if it wasn't tied to the achievement on that level - to melt all the stolen statues. Good to know it's on the radar :)

I should probably add here too, I've been so happy decorating my realms with golden statues - after a certain number of statue conversions, some of the earlier statues become immovable / greyed out like Sir Roussimoff in the above example. This makes it a huge pain!

oh boy, that may be a interesting pointer though, thanks for your feedback

Sir Roussimoff issue should be fixed in v1.4.0f9 = ) Now for more statues turning grey and not being grabbable, did you put them in a non owned area ? The statues needs to be on a territory you own otherwise you won't be able to pick them up ^^'

@Nano Boucher - Yes they are on my own territory, specifically Sanctuary tiles and Prison tiles. I'm trying to do some testing to find out what actually triggers the greying out - it seems to be quite random, but eventually over time they seem to convert. I'll upload a save if required.