Random Solid Rocks are still spawning

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Random Solid Rocks are still spawning!

  • Steam Version V2.1.0f5 (German)
  • Windows 10, 64-bit operating system, x64 based processor
  • Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3330 CPU @ 3.00GHz, 8.00GB RAM
  • output_log.txt


I've noticed this bug a lot now, especially with maps I've created myself (and with other maps from the Steam Workshop later in the game).

On my self-made map, almost every time (when testing a map) solid rocks appear somewhere that I DID NOT place there. At first you think it may have just been an accident. But if I had placed these, devices in the room would also disappear. And if I correct these rocks and save, export & test my map again, then there are new solide rocks somewhere else.

I've also seen this happen with cards created by other players. At first it's usually OK, but at some point later a room somewhere is restricted by a rock, unusable or paths are blocked!

I suspect this is a memory problem. The more extensive a map is or the longer it runs, the more likely these buggy rocks are to appear - maybe there are errors when saving? And when loading, ONLY solid rocks are created there instead, because other objects probably don't appear.

This bug is more than ANNOYING and should be fixed urgently! Apparently this bug has been known for a long time (as you can see in the search) and is certainly much more common than you think, because not every "new" rock is immediately noticeable. The first time I noticed was when such a rock was created in a small jail, luckily I still had the save game. It was only later that I noticed that the tavern and other areas were also affected. On squiggly maps where there are a lot of solide rocks anyway, a few are more or less hardly noticeable.

Here are some examples of save games and images:

2 Screenshots from my self-made half-finished map wit some buggy rocks:

Image 8407

Image 8412

Below are 2 savegames & 2 screenshots of a map from the Steam Workshop:

  1. After over 14 hours of play there are some solid rocks in a small jail and tavern:

Image 8414

  • 2. Before (only 18 minutes playing time) - Same spot without solide rocks:

Image 8416

Game Version:
Steam Public
marco k.

Although no one seems to care, here are more "Impenetrable Rock" bugs:
(from a Steam Workshop map)

In the first picture there is an impenetrable rock in the dungeon core, which of course doesn't belong there. At the top right (at the sanctuary) you can see that there is already a buggy rock there (but not yet at the barracks & the arena)

Image 8769

In the second picture (some time and 1-2 save games later) you can see even more impenetrable rocks in a small area! In the sanctuary (3x5 fields) you can clearly see that the altar is still there in the middle, which theoretically wouldn't be possible if the rocks were "normal". Some minions at the 2 buggy rocks near the arena later got angry and rebelled because they were stuck there (which I didn't know at the time).

Image 8773

Here is the final save of these otherwise beautiful map with ALL the impenetrable rock bugs:

LastSave with all buggy rocks.zip

(spoiler alert: if you want to play the map normally, you shouldn't use it.)

A small note: Even on official maps, such bugged "Impenetrable Rocks" (on longer and more extensive maps) appear after saving and reloading. However, the first missions are played through quickly and you hardly have to load them. In the "Oberon's Home Realm", for example, I also had some buggy rocks around the core. After resetting the campaign & the Home Realm (due to secret Steam achievements), there were no Impenetrable Rocks anywhere in the Home Realm, except at the edge of the map.

Are you still working on (these) bugs?