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Polo 7 years ago updated by Jan - Eric Merzel 7 years ago 5

I wanted to buy the new dlc but the game took like 5 minutes loading to start and the second time today that I tried to play, again didn´t load and end crashing all with steam.
I own an iMac late 2013 intel iris pro 1536 , 2.7ghz intelcore i5, 8gb memory
steam keep crashing trying to load the game...

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  1. not even close to customer servic
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Hello Polo

is the intel iris pro 1536 your only GPU or do you have a dedicated GPU as well?

as far as i can tell is the GPU is not strong enough for WFTO

the game always worked perfect , before last update, how does this website works? is anyone of the game going to help me?

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yes, im actually one of the developers and responsible for the QA work.

hrm as said your card is actually not supported as far as i can tell however please check out these topics:


I bought the game at first instance and always worked fine shame is too late for refund, I just leave a negative review on the game not recommending this game for classic iMacs owners.


im sorry that you feel this way but it is in your right to do.