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crash report, home realm

pdoutre 7 years ago updated by Raz Keltsh 7 years ago 3

Microsoft Windows

10 home

64 bit

AMD FX-8350

16GB ram

nVidia 760 GTX 4GB (3840 x 2160 resolution @60hz over displayport 1.2a)

game version 1.4.0f4

Trying out the new home realm in heart of gold and the game randomly crashed.

output_log.txt error.log crash.dmp

Game Version:
Steam Public
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ill let the coders have a look at your crash,

thanks for your report

Completed - Resolved

We rolled out a few fixes in the time since your report. Hopefully should have addressed your crash. Please get in touch if you're still having issues.

I just bought the game 2 days ago and am experiencing the same exact issue, seems like the patch didnt do anything. At the home screen I choose homerealm (loading in) and it crashes.