Fog of War problems

ZzZombo 7 years ago updated by Jan - Eric Merzel 7 years ago 10
  • I was able to see effects of beasts sleeping in a partially revealed enemy Beast Den.
  • I was able to hear sounds on enemy territory. A couple of my units died there beforehand, and I think it's linked to the fact I didn't move the camera away after it happened because IIRC once I did so I couldn't hear them anymore.
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Nonsense response.

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i will have a look at this one.

thank you for your report.


I cannot replicate.

The thing is, when creatures loose all their HP they will be unconcious until they Die. Until they do they have still a small vision radius, clearing up the FoW (and thus the sounds) in their vincinity.

working as intended.

Huh? I am able to tell dying and dead creatures apart, and those I was talking about were DEAD. And in the first case there had never were any of my or allied creatures, I got a glimpse of the den by a few workers before I assaulted it a minute later.

Seriously, why closing reports this fast? I don't think I'm that interested in fighting for my reports staying open.

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i tried reproducing the issue, and i failed to do it. the only thing i could find was what i wrote above,

can you provide a screenshot or recording of it happening? that would help immensly.

I can see enemy units in the lair, all my units are either being held in my Hand of Evil or too far anyway.

In general, once revealed, enemy doors/traps never get hidden by FoW. Possibly the same applies to constructs as well.

You can see enemy units behind enemy fortified walls exactly one tile away like if the walls were yours.

Hi ZzZombo.

From the looks of the screenshots it appears that it is your territory (specifically your Area of Influence) that is providing the vision here. Your area of Influence extends about a tile and a half from your terrain. Assuming you own the bridge in the first 2 screenshots and have claimed the lair next to the Empire walls in the final screenshot, then everything is working as intended with your AoI providing vision.

Can you confirm that is the case here so I can close this ticket.

Well then, but what is Area of Influence?

It's the area around your territory that you can cast spells, pick up units, etc. As I said it extends to about 1.5 tiles around your owned territory. That's why you can't cast Lightning (as an example) in enemy territory, because it's not in your area of influence.


i will decline the issue again then as i still cannot find any issue here.