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yiangos 7 years ago updated by Josh Bishop (Creative Director) 7 years ago 9

I know that it's a small issue but I found a small typo while playing the arcane prison.

on the sixth line, it says "forces no lodber"

and on the ninth line "hundreds of years imprisonment" *imprisoned

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nice one thanks!

I've given the text a quick proof. I can't find this in GameText. How do they get plugged in? Are there likely to be other typos in the other maps?

Long ago, the Great Arcanists of the Empire imprisoned you, a powerful Underlord, deep beneath the Arcane Fortress, and bound your powers with their ancient Inhibitors. Centuries later, their vigilance has faded, and their forces no longer concentrate their powers on keeping you locked away. It's time to break your chains and take revenge for hundreds of years of imprisonment in the lonely, cold darkness.


I got one of the QA Guys doing a full read through of all the typos on the maps and we'll have a list of all the changes/fixes that need making soon.

Nah don't worry - was asking Nano :)