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Game crash before WFTO logo splash

hunterelliott618 9 months ago updated by Lee "Noontide" Moon (Designer & Community Manager) 8 months ago 3

Hello friends,

I've just received the game as a present and am unable to launch it. Every time I launch the game, it crashes before any logo appears. Here are my computer specs and the steps I've already taken to try and resolve the issue:

Windows 10 64 bit

16 GB Ram

CPU Intel Core i9-10850K CPU @3.60 GHz

GPU GeForce RTX 3070

I am unsure what update of the game I am using because I have never been able to get past this crash report.

I have followed through the entire "Crash!" common issues and solutions page. I tried manually installing the correct .NET framework from the Microsoft website. I double-checked that my anti-virus is off. I have restarted and updated my PC. I have verified the integrity of local game files on steam. I have tried launching the game without being connected to internet via the solution to a different bug ticket on this forum. I have searched through several other bug tickets but haven't found any solutions that worked.

One interesting thing to note: When I launched the game without internet, it took around 20 more seconds to give me the same crash report versus launching with internet. (I do not know if this information is helpful, I am just trying to be descriptive of the issue).

Here is the output log: output_log.txt


Game Version:
Steam Public
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Hi Hunterelliot618,

Sorry for the late response. Have you checked this article? Crashes on Startup in v2.0.8 and later

The crash in your report is identical to those suffering from this issue where Unity fails to link to the GFX Device. Often this is because of incompatible Citrix software installed.

Let me know how you get on,


Hello Lee,

Thank you for linking this article, it looks like Citrix Workspace was the issue and uninstalling it fixed it.


Completed - Resolved

Brilliant, Great to hear. I hope you enjoy the game. :)

I'll make a note to improve our main crash thread for this issue to help point others in the right direction.