UI Glitch? Only six skins appearing in menu though I had many more prior to upgrading.

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Since I updated to v2.1.0f4 I have not had access to any DLC skins or time-unlocked skins, besides the postal worker, just standard ones and those unlocked through gameplay, numbering around six total. All show up properly under the unlockables list. When I brought this up a couple months ago on the Discord I was asked to check if they all showed up in the map editor, and they do. Right now I'd just rather recover my hard drive space until I have the patience to want to troubleshoot it. I just uninstalled and reinstalled the entire game, but did not delete any files left behind for fear of losing unlocks and progress (particularly the Chinese Dragon and the Japanese one which only become available annually,) and the issue persists, though thankfully saves and unlocks were preserved. I just want to back up the saves so as not to lose unlocks and progress if I should decide to return to the game. Could anyone remind me where the saves are stored on a gog linux installation of the game?

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Lee "Noontide" Moon Designer & Community Manager
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Hi Simrhino,

Sorry for not getting back to you for a while. Busy times here.

We're aware of this issue on the Linux GOG version which following the 2.1 update some lists do not scroll correctly. You likely still have them available they're simply inaccessible. Though you may find if you can move your cursor into a specific spot you can still scroll them. I believe somewhere towards the top left of the element.

It's an issue that's at the top of our list for an upcoming maintenance patch but I currently do not have an ETA for you on when a fix might be made available.

For save games please see this KB article:

How to: Locate your save files



Hi Mr. Moon,
Thanks for your follow-up. I'll stick to other games for the time being and give WftO another shot when the next patch comes out if I'm still interested by then. Do you have information on the directory structure on Linux, so that I can back up my saves and unlocks to recover the hard drive space in the meantime without losing my progress?
Thank you,