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BUG: Two cores on top of each other in map editor

Horned Reaper 9 months ago updated by Lee "Noontide" Moon (Designer & Community Manager) 8 months ago 2

Working on a 1vs2 map

Map is designed for Underlord 1,2 and Empire...

I accidently used "Pivot Right to Left" mirroring BEFORE disabling the other factions now underlord 3's core is on top of underlord 1 and 4's core is on 2.

When I export and test the map, the cores still spawn in game even though those factions are disabled. The core meshes Z-fight and minions from those cores spawn as well causing them to fight eachother.

I tried changing terrain even placing gates etc over them to remove the cores but the auto placed cores persist even if the terrain is changed in the editor...

I also tried manually moving all 4 cores to a random location in order the terrain to force removing them but the auto placed cores still exist even if I manually place them elsewhere

and when I try to export map it says "The core at etc etc is not linked to a faction"

I tried exporting the map with all cores deleted but the game warns that the factions should be sequential. Empire team is set to 3 but I gues it tries to launch it with underlord 3 and 4 =(

I have spent lots of hours on the design and scripts before even trying my first text export and noticing this issue

How can I force delete those cores? Please tell me it's not irreversable and my map file is broken.

Game Version:
Steam Public

I tried the solution from this topic but it doesn't work for me.


Sorry for the double post the difference in choice of title made me miss that topic.

I also have the problem persisting anyway.

Completed - Resolved

This should be resolved in PAtch 2.1