My Pet Dungeon 7: Snowhope - crash to desktop

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After completing all the objectives I decided to stick around for a while in My Pet Dungeon 7: Snowhope, to upgrade the enemy dungeon to my liking and train my minions. After some time the game crashed to desktop.
The game made an error log dump folder. See files in attachment.

On a sidenote, after taking over the enemy dungeon in this level, it occured to me that some rooms claimed didn't activate properly.
Namely the Tavern wasn't being supplied with piglet automatically with piglets, and the prisoners I put in the torture chamber weren't being tortured despite my inquisitors being idle.
Minions were also getting stuck in the training room (running little circles near the training dummies, with their desires all being at 0%).

Selling and rebuilding helped fix this problem. Only the torture chamber gave me some problems as apparently I couldn't build on some of my own tiles (the room was built with holes in the floor).
It took some tries to get it to be built properly.

I'm running version V2.0.8 On Windows 10

Can you look into this issue?






Game Version:
Steam Public

In attachment two save files that display the errors.
In the first you can see imps running in circles while trying to drag slain enemies to a pyre in a recently claimed crypt.
Selling and rebuilding the crypt fixes the problem.

In the second you can see the rest of the rooms in the recently taken over enemy dungeon not working. 

The training room and the forge has creatures running in circles but not gaining experience or producing things, the tavern doesn't get stocked with piglets (though this can be done manually), and the captured enemies in the torture chamber don't get tortured.
Note that all these rooms do work properly in my own dungeon in the south of the map.