Cracking sound in "my pet dungeon" mode

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Hello! I found a problem with sound in "my pet dungeon" mode (maybe this problem exists in other modes): if I have many units and send them to attack enemy wave, sound begins cracking. Looks like performance issue.

Core Information

  • My platform
    • OS Windows
    • 10
    • 64 bit
      • Ram - 32GB
      • CPU - Intel core i7 7700K
      • GPU - Nvidia RTX 2080 (driver version 471.41)
      • Sound card - Creative SB ZxR (driver version, SB command
  • WFTO build 2.0.8f7
  • My pet dungeon mode, all maps
  • output log is outdated for some reason (file from 2019 year)
Game Version:
Steam Public Beta
Lee "Noontide" Moon Designer & Community Manager
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Thanks I'll mark this as a backlog issue for us to investigate if/when we can.