Oculus killed above a chasm will repeat falling animation each time you move camera to the place

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If you kill Oculus (didn't try it with other flying creatures) above a chasm, Oculus body will fall down into it, but if you will move camera away and then return to the place, you'll see Oculus body falling into a chasm again. It can be repeated as long as a corpse exists.

Game version: 2.0.8f6

Game Version:
Steam Public Beta
Sergey SADevil Shilov

Update: After loading the game, I found two Oculus corpses levitating above a chasm and no longer falling into it. But I can't remember if I saw them each time I reloaded the same save.

Lee "Noontide" Moon
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Those damn dirty occuli. Thanks for the report I'll mark it for review when/if we can spare the code time :)