Fatal error in gc - too many threads

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The game loads to the main menu, but crashes to desktop when I try to play the first level. 

When it crashes a windows error message window opens titled: "Fatal error in gc"

The contents of the window says: "too many threads"

I've tried validating the files, reinstalling the game, checked my graphics driver is up to date, but the error persists.

Hopefully someone can help me!

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Lee "Noontide" Moon
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Hi Oldpollution,

Sorry to hear you've suffered a crash issue here. This is a standard Unity crash 

Can you try all the suggestions in Crash!

Then update this ticket with your output logs and dxdiag How to: Submit a Bug Ticket



Hi Lee (and the Brightrockgames Team)

Sorry I've taken so long in getting back to you but I've had a busy few weeks.

I just wanted to let you know that following the "Crash!" suggestions fixed my issue.

I deleted the options.txt and turned off Screen Space Ambient Obscurance and Anti-Aliasing as directed and that fixed the initial crash.

I've done a bit of experimenting and found that I still get occasional graphics card failures running on the very highest texture setting with the above options turned off. But I have successfully run without crashing for a few hours solid on next texture setting down.

The nature of these other crashes suggests to me a potential issue with my graphics card, as the screen goes black but I can still hear the game going on - so the game itself hasn't crashed. Then the screen recovers and I'm back on my desktop in a different resolution and with my system now under the impression that I have two monitors (I don't)!

So I think possibly my card is overheating and shutting down for safety, or maybe it's just on the way out. Things don't last forever after all.

Anyway just wanted to say thanks for your time and assistance with my issue, it's great to be able to play the game again.

Wish you all the best for the future, regards David Fisher.
Lee "Noontide" Moon
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Thanks for updating us David, best of luck with your GPU! :O

One thing I'd say is make sure you've got VSync on, if you've not that could cause the game to render out more frames than necessary and may cause the aforementioned overheating.