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Snowhope bards

Yeri 2 years ago updated by Lee "Noontide" Moon (Designer & Community Manager) 1 year ago 6

There is a challenge on My pet dungeon - Snowhope, where you have to recruit 5 Bards. Even tho I get bards, it is not getting counted towards bonus objectives and still shows 0. I really hope there is a fix to this, I really do not want to doall of the objectives again :|

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I tried playing a new game of this match, and just built tavern for bards to appear. Eventho they came to my base, I still got no credit towards "recruit bards"

The game doesn't want you to recruit bards from the portal. It wants you to recruit them from somewhere on the map. ;)


As Tute says I do believe the bards you recruit can be from elsewhere on the map. I think this is a confusing objective however so I'm going to accept it as something to potentially fix in a future maintenance pass.



Completed - Next Patch

Will be more clear in the next patch