Excessive RAM usage causing crashes

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I am having a great time playing this game however I am running into a significant issue that's causing my game to crash after roughly 2-3 hours of play as well as using roughly 5GB upon starting the game.

The game begins using roughly 12-14GB of RAM after roughly 2-3 hours causing a crash and usually almost crashing my entire PC. This happens on every map (Campaign, My Pet Dungeon, etc.) Screenshots and videos would not do much good as everything runs properly and without warning and the only indication of a problem is when the game begins to stutter before crashing seconds after the stuttering begins.

I have searched for the past couple of days for a solution, usually only finding things that have been posted close to 5 years ago and everything I have found normally doesn't contain a solution only a dead end or an unfinished report from the poster. I have not tried any specific troubleshooting because of this reason and would not know where to begin with troubleshooting and solving this problem with the current information I have found online. The only thing I have changed out of hoping this issue would somehow be fixed is I changed the launch settings in steam so it would force Direct3D 11 but I was having the exact same issue before and after doing this.

I haven't played in a couple of days simply because I struggle to want to play something that could possibly cause an entire PC restart and it becomes very tedious to restart the game every 2 hours to avoid a crash and loss of progress.

I did end up wiping the output_log.txt just now when checking the main menu for the game version if I need to play until a crash for the output_log.txt I can do so.

output_log.txt // This output_log was taken from the WFTOGame_Data folder and was wiped while posting this.



output_log.txt     // This output_log was taken from the crash folder labelled 2020-12-01_034354

Game Version: V2.0.7f1


Windows 10 64 bit


Intel Core i7-8700K 3.70 GHz

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB

Game Version:
Steam Public
Lee "Noontide" Moon
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Hi Troysfall,

Sorry to hear that you're running foul of a memory leak, these are pretty tricky issues to isolate and one we've not really seen a report of for some time. Clearly 12-14GB is certainly not normal for the game, and not something we'd expect to see after 2-3 hours in any of the game modes really but especially not the campaign or MPD.

What's difficult about this is that we don't know what the initial cause could be. For example you say the game uses roughly 5GB upon starting, whilst our tests show around 2.8GB and stable after 2 hours of idling on the main menu. So to investigate further it might help if we know the following:

  • What level(s) are you most commonly playing right now
  • Is there anything you use extensively in your strategy, how do you go about building your dungeon (Screenshots might help)
  • Are there any levels in particular you're seeing it shoot up more, is there anything particular you're doing here.

It'd help a lot as well if you can play the game, until you see a spike in the memory usage and then send save files for affected levels. That'd at least help us play the levels where you're seeing a potential leak. How to: Locate your save files

The only thing I saw of note in your output_log was a mention of a potential UI Memory leak from the middleware responsible for that. I see from the crash log attached you were playing level 5 of the main campaign at the time or had just completed it?