Level 1 glitch

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As soon as i defeat the second wave of ghost or whatever they are called. It says to recall a minion back to your lair. I proceed to recall a minion back to my lair and nothing happens. The task never gets  completed so i can't progress. I literally can't beat the first level. 

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Lee "Noontide" Moon Designer & Community Manager
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Hi Ubertitan13,

I'm really sorry to hear you encountered an issue in the first level and apologies for the delay in response. You caught us at a particularly busy time in the cadence of our milestones for our new project.

So I jumped into the level and tried this myself and I wasn't able to replicate the problem. Upon casting recall on one of the gnarlings the game immediately proceeded without pause. I'm unsure as to what else might have happened here to cause the objective to not proceed. Do you know of anything else you might have done which could have triggered the problem?

To confirm as well you did try to recall the Gnarling correct and not a simple worker? Although I can't speak for certain I think the Workers may be excluded from the check as they do not have lairs (and thus cannot be returned to one, instead returning to the dungeon core).

Sorry once more and hope things resolved for you,