crash dump

Markus Windisch 3 years ago in Crash updated by Lee "Noontide" Moon (Designer & Community Manager) 3 years ago 4
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Hi Markus,

Sorry to hear you've suffered from a crash. Unfortunately it seems that the report has failed to stack trace correctly which implies the Unity Engine itself fell over. There's not much we can do to investigate further.

I'd love to know details surrounding the issue however. Is this a random occurance you've faced? Does it happen regularly? Do you know what you were doing at the time when the crash occured?



Hello Lee,

the crash happens after completing "Pet Dungeon" levels (at least at Frostfossil and Lockshackle, I believe).

It's not really the most important bug, I think, because its at the end of a mission! Interesting to hear something technical about the game.

Thanks for you answer.

Under Review

Thanks for the info Markus. I'll give it a try myself in the coming week and see if I can replicate but I think it's a pretty low chance. Hopefully it's not affected your progress!