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Game Crashes after Splashscreen

Jirik 3 years ago in Crash updated by Lee "Noontide" Moon (Designer & Community Manager) 2 years ago 4

OS Windows 10 Enterprise 64Bit German

16 GB Ram (6GB Shared with GPU

Intel I7-1065G7

Intel Iris Plus G7 GPU

I installed the Game from Steam.

As agreed with Noontide on Discord here is the Ticket.

It is this Issue:

If I'm not mistaken it should present as follows:

1. You launch the game from Steam

2. The splash screen appears

3. For a brief moment WFTOGame.exe appears on your task bar

4. It then disappears with no error message

If I can help by providing Information just tell me.

Game Version:
Steam Public
10th-Gen Mobile Intel CPU - Splash Screen Crash
Pending Customer

Hi Jirik,

Thanks for the report. As noted prior we've exhausted our troubleshooting options now and beyond actually using remoting onto your PC and seeing if there's any further options we can configure there's not much more we can do at the time. We'll be continuing to monitor the situation and seeing if we can determine the root cause for this issue. But at the moment we believe it's caused by an unsolvable incompatibility between the Intel Drivers for Iris Graphics and the Unity Engine version or some third-party middleware that WFTO uses.

Thank you for including the output_log. I'm unsure as to what the Report.wer file is. Is this the output from Windows Event Viewer? If so can you save it out from Event Viewer as a .evtx file with display information for English (United Kingdom) selected.

Here's how you'd do that:

  1. Open event viewer and select the event
  2. In the right hand menu click "Save Selected Events"
  3. Set a name and ensure the filetype is set to .evtx click ok
  4. Toggle "Display information for these languages" and "Show all available languages"
  5. Select English (United Kingdom) from the list


Can you also include a DXDiag report as detailed here:How To: Generate a DXDiag Report.

Once you've provided the reports I'll be closing this ticket and continuing with the ticket on the public forum. I plan to merge all related tickets together so we can track affected users and systems together.



Hi Jirik,

I hope you have been keeping well. I wanted to drop in a message as another user has recently reported a similar issue with the same hardware profile. Interestingly this user was able to reach the game on the affected system while it was in Airplane mode. I've yet to confirm this works for other affected users so I thought you might like to give it a go. It's truly a peculiar one as we wouldn't have anticipated a networking issue.

Here's a few steps you can try:

  1. Try launching the game while Steam is in offline mode, on the off-chance it's a steam authentication issue.
  2. If your laptop has an airplane mode try enabling this and launching the game
  3. Try disabling the the network adapter via Windows. First in the networking adapter menu and if that doesn't work then via the device manager. Instructions.

Let us know if any of these work!



Completed - Next Patch

Hi Jirik,

I'm pleased to report that the upcoming Patch 2.0.8 should resolve this issue entirely. It's not yet on the default Steam branch but is available as a beta. How to: Access the Debug Branch on Steam.