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custom campains on Mac via GOG

Kolpime 3 years ago updated by Lee "Noontide" Moon (Designer & Community Manager) 3 years ago 7


I cant get custom campaigns workong on Mac via GOG (both drm free download and gog galaxy)

i tried following the instructions on the guide and had no luck.

i even added the gemedata folders everywhere i could with the campaign files and still had no joy

thanks for looking into it for me

your game is awesome, ive been looking for dungeon keeper 3 since i was 16 and you guys nailed it

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GOG Galaxy
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Hi Kolpime,

Can you send me an image of the contents of your contents folder?



its the second image tthere. the one with the resources and gamedata folders

i threw the gamedata folder in there for the craic to see if that would work

Hi Kolpime,

Sorry I'm absolutely confused as I'm unfamiliar as to the file structure used on the GOG OSX Version of WFTO, and sadly as mentioned previously our OS X test machine is currently locked away in the office during the lockdown so I can't get eyes on this myself. So I'll have to rely upon what you provide me.

I'm having difficulty understanding the file structure from your images. If possible could you indicate on the images which folders you are currently in (include the file path) and what the contents of those folders are plus what contents you have added yourself. As it is there should be no need to add a Gamedata folder as it should have already existed unless the file structure used in the OS X version is radically different from the Windows release which would be peculiar though I suppose not unexpected.

Can you also show me what is in the resources folder. Ultimately the game's data has to be somewhere! I've inquired with the code team if they know any specifics that I should be aware of. As an example this is what the root folder looks like on Windows :

Hi Kolpime,

We believe you should be able to right click the app (WFTO in your folders) and you should be able to select "show package contents" where you'll find the game data folder.

Give that a try and let us know how it goes.



hi Lee

your a legend, thanks for the help.

i had to right click, show contents of the folder, open the contents folder and then the gamedata folder was there.

thanks again for your help, amazing that you guys are on it this long after release answering dumb shit questions like mine, especially during lockdown


Completed - Resolved

Good to hear! Somehow I missed updating this to complete. So I'm updating it now!

I'll also be updating our knowledgebase soon to include more complete instructions for OS X users.