Game does not launch after fresh install

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macOS 10.15,4  latest Steam;

After installing the game on a secondary location, on an external drive as configured by Steam, the app cannot be launced with the PLAY button. Error alert shows: "An error occurred while updating WFTO (unknown error)". So apparently a necessary update cannot happen.
Solution: Move the game installation (via Game Properties) to the regular Steam location in the AppSupport folder... then launch, it works fine. Afterwards, game can be moved back to external drive and also launches as expected.

Bug = initial installation in an alternate folder in Steam is not possible

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Lee "Noontide" Moon
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Hi Stlucke,

I'm sorry to hear you had an issue with installing the game. From the sounds of it this is a Steam client issue and not related to War for the Overworld itself as we do not handle any step in the Steam install process. May I advise you drop a ticket into Steam Support? :)




Thanks I have now submitted this issue to Steam support. 

It looks that for any update, WFTO needs to be in the default Steam location.