rhoadblock achievement makes no sence

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hey brightrock games i have some problems at hog level 2 i cant get final achievement for kasita s silver version cuz enemy is unbeatble i tried my fastest medhods and tricks i can but they dont die i did everything but they killled every minion i got they fast they dont let me even have time to level up my sentinels or beast or minions they one shot each of them and i cant do this can you guys do a nerf on this pls i really love this game but i got tierd of doing this level for 20 times i still have some them that i didnt unlock have good time and thanks for listening 

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Satisfaction mark by mostdope 4 years ago

thank you brightrock games for feed back maybe i gona try more maybe i missing somthing on dungeon but i try ty for listening have good time

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Lee "Noontide" Moon Designer & Community Manager
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Hi Mostdope,

Sorry to hear you're struggling with this achievement.As always we'll take your feedback on board however currently we have no plans to revisit this level's balancing. Many of the game's achievements are intended to be challenging and outside of a clear bug or obvious issue we feel this achievement is performing within expectations. I totally appreciate the frustrations you're facing here. Perhaps you can seek advice from the Steam Community or on our Discord? There's plenty of veteran community members who may have some tips and tricks for beating the achievement.