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Imps/creatures running into walls

talkhayley 3 weeks ago updated by Lee "Noontide" Moon (Designer & Community Manager) 3 weeks ago 1

When building tunnel systems to traverse the map, and my creatures are away from my dungeons and try to get back, it's like they forget the walls/earth are there and try to walk in a straight line to which ever room they need to be in. Sometimes they are running against the wall indefinitely unless I move them all manually.

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That sounds very peculiar Talkhayley, we're always eager to investigate issues but anything related to AI and pathfinding can be quite esoteric and this is not something we've seen ourselves outside of an issue related to Moongates that we fixed quite some time ago.

Would love to get some more information from you on how we might replicate this ourselves. What level are you playing on? Is it a custom level? Can you send us screenshots, or better yet a video and a save file? 

How to: Submit a Bug Ticket should give you all you need to know with regards to what we need to best help us on this.