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Imps/creatures running into walls

talkhayley 3 years ago updated by Lee "Noontide" Moon (Designer & Community Manager) 3 years ago 6

When building tunnel systems to traverse the map, and my creatures are away from my dungeons and try to get back, it's like they forget the walls/earth are there and try to walk in a straight line to which ever room they need to be in. Sometimes they are running against the wall indefinitely unless I move them all manually.

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That sounds very peculiar Talkhayley, we're always eager to investigate issues but anything related to AI and pathfinding can be quite esoteric and this is not something we've seen ourselves outside of an issue related to Moongates that we fixed quite some time ago.

Would love to get some more information from you on how we might replicate this ourselves. What level are you playing on? Is it a custom level? Can you send us screenshots, or better yet a video and a save file? 

How to: Submit a Bug Ticket should give you all you need to know with regards to what we need to best help us on this.

Ah sry I didn't realise I had a reply yet. I have actually not had a problem with it recently. I was on multiplayer over lan, on the 4 player map called Flower. I am going to play that map again to try and see if it was just a connection issue on that particular day or if its the map.

Oh the map was called Wetwork. Creatures running into walls like they're not there (multiplayer). Trying to run over the arena with no avail.

Enemy creatures being 'picked up' by npc players leaving behind a bunch of above head level icons all over.

Creatures stop functioning: all my cultists just stood still indefinitely for example.

My specs

Windows 7


Core i5

GTX 1060

This is also happening for my partner who was one of the other players. Other 2 players were computer.

His specs

Windows 7


Core i5

GTX 960

I am not sure how to make a video of it yet, looking into that.

Hi Talkhayley,

Can I confirm that in this scenario whether you are the client (joined the game) or the host (created the game) when the issues occur?

Should help us replicate them in house and hopefully try to figure out a solution.



Hi there, we tried both on the same lan network and happened both times. Lan doesn't seem like actual lan, I feel like it goes out to the internet first and then back in. We don't have the greatest internet so this might have an effect on it. It would be nice if lan was lan where only people on the network can see our games.