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I've just bought the Undergames addon. Latest version as of a week or two ago. I've played at least two of the missions now as different characters where I won, the game realised I did (the interface disappeared etc), but no move-on/continue popped up, nor any winning speech. I'm left in limbo. The win doesn't register with the game itself so I have to play the level again and hope it works.
I think it's because I'm loading the game.
Obviously this makes the game uncompletable unless I manage a several hour playthrough in a single sitting with no mistakes.

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I have a feeling that it may be a more general bug. I have the same issue with some of my workshop maps. If I am correct, it is caused by having more than one way to win.


In my case, it has nothing to do with reloaading.

Lee "Noontide" Moon Designer & Community Manager
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Definitely worth us looking into this. Thanks for including the save files, we'll investigate for our next triage pass.

Webbernever1, if possible can you indicate levels that are affected and even better include saves from the affected levels near completion.