Level 10 rally flag problem

umx 7 years ago updated by Fireeye 7 years ago 5

WFTO v1.3.1f5

On the campaign map 10 (The Kenos) are places where the rally flag is ignored by the minions (like when it is placed on an inaccessible tile) - particularly around the empire dungeon core in the center of the map.

One such place is the granite bridge before door leading to the empire's core. When the flag is placed on the tile just before the door, it is ignored by the minions:

Image 40

Other tiles on the bridge work fine. It works fine after the bridge is claimed by the workers.

When the flag is placed directly on the door, it works - minions gather at the flag but they don't attack the door (I had to use possession to destroy the door):

Image 41

One more (possibly related) problem - when empire's core health reaches zero, core is not destroyed but changes owner to 'Neutral':

Image 42

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Haha :)

actually the issue here is that you can destroy the door in possession. the Core is not your goal on this map and the doors should be indestructible.

Thanks for the explanation :)

Wait, what? Sorry for bringing this from the dead, but eh, I literally spent like half an hour trying to figure what's going on at this particular place of the level. What's the deal? Can you elaborate why is this made so?

Mira is intended to steal the Kenos from you, otherwise the next mission would not make sense. The victory condition of the map simply is to destroy all four inhibitors. The "Kenos" itself actually is just a re-designed dungeon core and has no special scripts attached to it.