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just keeps crashing in tutorial level cant get further

Behemothnl 4 years ago updated by Lee "Noontide" Moon (Designer & Community Manager) 3 years ago 3

i just bought the game and i get in the game fine but i am just playing in the tutorial level i can dig one room and after this it crashes and will not get further. When i reboot the game exact same happens again at the exact same moment.

when i just got the game it did not even get passed the loading screen and just crashed there already

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Hi Behemothnl,

I'm sorry to hear you're having problems with the game crashing. To best identify the cause of the issue we'd like to request additional information so we can investigate.

Please have a read of our How to: Submit a Bug Ticket article and include as much information as you can from our list. In particular we'd be most interested in a DXDiag report (How To: Generate a DXDiag Report) for your system specs and and output log from the game.

Hope we can help,


Hello brightrockgames

I have been able to resolve the issue in full it was weird that i had no sound either. I could not find sound settings in the game only volume. I changed the default sound settings in windows booted up the game all the sudden i had sound but also stopped crashing.
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Hi Behemothnl,

Thanks for the update and we're pleased to hear you got the game working! The issue you described sounds very fascinating and appears to be an underlying issue between Unity (which handles all sound management for WFTO) and your sound setup initially. 

Although there's nothing we could do to help further I'd be very interested to know what your default device was set to originally versus what it worked with, this might help us put together a knowledgebase article to help others who may encounter similar issues.