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Shackle not releasing mana if target was destroyed

DreamSmith 3 years ago updated by anonymous 3 years ago 3

Using the shackle spell on a defence reserves mana, however if the target is destroyed the mana is not always unlocked.

Game Version:
Steam Public

Me too. 

For example, My pet dungeon LV4 "ロックシャックル(Rock Shackle?)" North-West "T" way trap area.

At 1st play, 75 mana has locked. At 2nd play, 150 mana has locked, same play style.

And red circle energy fields remains if shackle spell has time out.  

So, I have to point mouse all traps and click, although if red circle energy fields have displayed.

I met this bug at another LV.

It tend to occur at enemies trap area.

I'm waiting for fixing this bug.


Bug Report

"Shackle not releasing mana if target was destroyed"

OS: Win 10 Pro 64bit

RAM: DDR4-2400MHz 8GB x 2 (Total 16GB)

CPU: Pentium Gold 4560


Game Ver: v2.0.7f1

Map: My Pet Dungeon LV4, and some other campaing LV

Screenshots: My Pet Dungeon LV4 (North-West area)

1-A: before attacking traps(20190711165514_1.jpg)

1-B: attacking traps(20190711165615_1.jpg)

2: after attacking traps A(20190711172925_1.jpg, locked 150 mana as shackle spell)

3: after attacking traps B(20190711165835_1.jpg, locked 75 mana as shackle spell)

4: after attacking traps C(20190711171437_1.jpg, locked 0 mana as shackle spell)

2,3,4 are almost same play style.(used shackle and heal spell)

2,3 are bug result. 4 is correct result, not bug.

Output Log:output_log.txt

(locked 75 mana as shackle spell, and loaded some bug save files.)

Save Files:

1: before attacking traps(_20190710170215 as pet04-13, locked 0 mana)

2: after attacking traps A(_20190710170741 as pet04-14, locked 150 mana)

3: after attacking traps B(_20190710171922 as pet04-15, locked 75 mana)

4: after attacking traps C(_20190711171426 as pet04-17, locked 0 mana)

Marked for Review

Thanks for the report guys we will review this during our next War for the Overworld bugs pass