Huntress shoots around corners, Traps cant reach. (Not only Huntress, but mainly her)

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There is a little problem in defending against high ranged units like the Huntress. She can shoot around the corners of walls, Traps are in range but can't do it. The its not a big Problem with only one Huntress but 2 or more just destroy your whole defence line. In rare cases she can even shoot a little bit through corners of walls ( a little bit OP). 

Units like the necromancer can do it to, but really really rarely. Demons like bafus can only use abillitys around wall corner (not a problem). Dont know how to fix, but it really needs to.

I have to test it a little more with huntress and ohter units.

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Thanks for the report TheRetroTomato, we will review this during our next War for the Overworld bugs pass