[MPD] Weird Default AI popup message on Hell's Deep level

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  • Windows 7 64-bit
  • 16GB RAM
  • Intel i5-6500 CPU
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti GPU


  • WFTO v2.0.7f1

On the Hell's Deep level of My Pet Dungeon, after exploding the wall surrounding an enemy Underlord's dungeon, a message from "Default AI" popped up saying:

"Greetings human, I am the AI! My omnipotent scripting says it's a good time to attack you. Brace yourself!"

At this point, I saved the game and quit as I had to leave. Later, when I reloaded, the message would continually pop up every minute or so until the end of the level.

Image 7226

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Lee "Noontide" Moon Designer & Community Manager
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That's hilarious, this is a testing message we used when building the new AIs and testing AI Messaging. We'll have a look into it when we next do a maintenance pass :)

Thanks for the report!


Thanks for the fast response! I did wonder if it was some weird avant-garde feature of the level, but after the tenth time I figured it was a bug :)

Lee "Noontide" Moon Designer & Community Manager

Just updating this thread following another report from the user Vepar.

This is definitely a case where, when we updated the AI in 2.0 the MPD level Hell's Deep which was using the Skirmish AI now has the Default (Placeholder) AI Personality. The fix would be to either suppress this message or ideally to replace the AI personalities on this level with their new personalities.

Lee "Noontide" Moon Designer & Community Manager
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