Map Editor passively messes up some scripts.

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I've been working on a map and was having trouble figuring out what was causing some of my scripts to fail for no reason.  It may be that moving the order of the scripts or renaming them or just adding new scripts makes the editor record existing scripts improperly.

Whatever the cause, there is no visible change in the scripts in the interface - they seem to still point to the proper variables, etc; they just stop working.

For example, this problem occurs constantly in my voice line scripts.  Those scripts trigger when a particular spell is cast, or room is built.  They play a voice line and then disable themselves so that the voice line will not play again.  But after working on other scripts in the map, some of these voice scripts will break so that they do not disable themselves; they play the voice line every time the spell is cast.

Re-inputting the same information in the script fixes the problem.  So for the voice scripts, I select the script, open the "disable script" action that is malfunctioning, go to the magic picker to select the script, un-select the script and then re-select the exact same thing.  I check the check box and uncheck it again.  So the script is visibly unchanged; all I've done is break it and then re-fix it, but now it will work again...  until I work on other scripts for awhile.  Then it stops working again and I have to reset it again.

I have included the map in progress where I am having the issue.  The scripts of particular bother are the scripts that play a voice line and then disable themselves such as  "Mandalf good exercise", and "Mandalf cast before".

mandalf the gold_edit_76561198044559723.meta
mandalf the gold_edit_76561198044559723
mandalf the gold_20190619050729.meta
mandalf the gold_20190619050729

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We'll definitely have a look into this when we come up to our next maintenance pass. Thanks for the report. If you come across verifiable replication steps that would be incredibly valuable.