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Gold Shrines there were also not working

uruza 7 months ago updated by Cian Noonan (Graphics Plumber) 7 months ago 3

workshop map Homebody

Gold Shrines there were also not working

Animation is not switched ON / OFF even when clicked

Save the target Gold Shrines after occupation, load them and they will operate normally

Homebody is Reuse and create the ver 1.4 MAP

Windows 10 64bit


CPU Xeon E3-1275 V2 @3.50GHz

GPU AMD Radeon RX 480

Game Version:
Steam Public
Pending Customer

Hey uruza,

Can you please send us a savegame where this is an issue.

How to: Locate your save files

Saved data just before occupying the second Gold Shrines
The second behavior is strange


Marked for Review

Thanks uruza, I've marked this to be investigated in our next War for the Overworld bug pass