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Game window not quite centered correctly when playing in windowed mode

Tamren Starshadow 4 years ago updated by anonymous 4 years ago 6

I play the game in a 1600x900 window, how the window is supposed to be positioned is exactly centered with no window frame visible on either side of the screen.

In WFTO's case the game window is offset to the right which causes the left side of the window frame to be visible, see pic.


This is a common problem with my steam games but usually it's only a pixel or two, in this case the entire window frame is visible. I'm not 100% sure if this is a game code problem or a windows 7 problem but not all of my games have the issue.

For instance Vermintide 2 and Kingdom Rush HD have properly centered windows with no frame visible on either side of the screen. Poly Bridge and Star Trader: Fronteirs have windows that are a few pixels off and the frame is just barely visible on the left side.


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EDIT: The image links didn't seem to post properly so I went back and added the imgur page links instead of the direct image.

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Hey Tamren,

I've never seen this issue before, can you please try to toggle the game between windowed mode and fullscreen and see if that helps?

Hmm okay I did a basic series of tests:

1. If I click on the window frame at the top I can drag it back into position.

2. If I press alt-enter to toggle windowed mode and fullscreen it properly switches between the two. However the window is offset both vertically and horizontally, the position of the game screen in fullscreen mode is about 1/8 of an inch up and 1/8 of an inch to the left compared to window mode. Or in other words the window is offset b the width of the window frame in the top left corner.

3. When I toggle through fullscreen and back to windowed mode it resets any positioning I have done by hand, so it will go back to being offset.

Again, I'm 100% sure if this is the game or something windows 7 does. But it doesn't happen on all of my games, some properly center themselves automaticaly, others are a few pixels off and I have to adjust them by hand. Some of them work differently altogether, Terraria will scale itself to any window size, but it will always show a "rim" of window frame pixels on all window edges instead of matching the size of the game window to the size of the screen.

The one common element I can see is that this happens when I try to run in a window that is the same width as my screen. If I run games in 1600x900 there may be issues, but if I run games in a smaller size (including WFTO) like 800x600 the window will properly center itself relative to all screen edges.

Honestly Tamren I'm not sure there's anything we can do. I've never heard of this issue until now among all our users.

Please do let us know if changing anything on your system fully fixes this but I do not think we can change anything to help. 

You can attempt the launch the game with one of these launch parameters and see if it helps: 

-window-mode exclusive

-window-mode borderless


No luck with the launch options. I will report back if anything changes, still no idea what the base cause could be. I get the exact same bug in other games and when I asked those developers they had no idea either. And yet other games work just fine, it's puzzling.

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Please let us know if you ever find out, unfortunately, there's nothing more we can do.

Thanks for taking the time to report, hopefully you can still enjoy the game