Triggered Enity doesn't show up us Triggered Enity, but as Special in Mighty Script after loading the map again

Sebt 4 years ago updated by anonymous 4 years ago 3

A small cosmetic bug, but still might bring a little confusion.

I was playing with fixed SetRevealer action (we don't need to use Prophecy spell anymore to reveal objects, thank you!) and noticed that after loading a map we can still see "Triggering Entity" (child of Special category) turned to "Special" category (however it is loaded correctly in the game as "Triggered Entity", so it's cosmetic). See picture below:

Image 7091

After you pick again the "Triggering Entity" from the "Magic Finder" it will show up correctly there (it doesn't happen in this particular action or Context, but everywhere where you want to put "Triggering Entity"):

Image 7092


Win 10 Pro 64bit, Radeon 7800 HD, 8GB RAM, low graphic settings

WftO v.2.0.7, all DLCs

Game Version:
Steam Public

After loading the map than again and again that issue reappears.

Marked for Review

We have backlogged this issue to be looked at in a later date