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Bloodmoney spell cannot be cast in quick succession

thee 4 years ago updated by anonymous 4 years ago 3

I noticed that now a few times, no major issue, but I just put it here anyway. So when I have a lot of prisoners and use the bloodmoney spell in quick succession on captured enemy units in my prison, it sometimes happens (unfortunately, not always, so I am not sure what triggers it) that I cannot use the bloodmoney spell on a captured unit as long as the spell is still working (casting, transforming time) on a unit of the same type. As soon as the bloodmoney still finishes the other unit, I am able to click on the next unit (i.e. a red border shows that now the spell can be applied on the unit) to cast the spell on it.

E.g., if I have a lot of lvl 1 templars captive, and I often see that I cannot transform them in paralel but have to wait until one is completely transformed. 

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Oh, yes, as far as I recall it does not have anything to do with slapping creatures under the spell, since I rarely do that. 

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Hey thee,

We fixed a very similar issue for the next patching coming out this week, 2.0.7. What was happening is that Rats, when bloodmoney'd, would prevent the spell being cast again for a short time. It's likely that you were accidentally casting the smell on some rats when using it

Please let us know if it is still an issue once that patch is live.

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