Can't pick up Shadow from Toybox

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Just a minor thing I've noticed, in the final and penultimate My Pet Dungeons, there are toyboxes with underworld minions, which include the Shadow beast. However, the Shadow always uses its invisibility ability all the time and can't be picked up because of this. Perhaps this could be changed similar to how you can pick up your own Shadows when they're invisible, otherwise the Shadow in there is pretty much useless. Or maybe prevent toybox minions from using any attacks while in the toybox in general (Vampires or Wizards for example keep using some of their summoning attacks as well).

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Hey Black Emperor,

I can confirm that this is a valid issue but this has missed the deadline to get fixed for the upcoming patch. We will keep this issue here to be considered for patching during our next bug review sometime in the future. 

Thanks for taking the time to let us know.