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Object Reference error on loading custom map

Black Emperor 4 years ago updated by anonymous 4 years ago 3

Hi there,

I've created a custom My Pet Dungeon map and I can play it just fine, it seems. However, whenever I save the game and reload the save, I always get this Object Reference error.

It does not matter when I save the game. It can be after an hour of playtime, but it can also be right after starting the map, the error always appears when loading it.

I have unlocked the ballista, the two multi-block hero doors, the stone knight and that hero carpet for building.

The map also contains 4 quartz blocks with gold in them and two toy boxes, both with customized minions (heroes and monsters). Just in case any of these "special" changes could potentially cause such problems.

Here's the output log:


And here are the save files (tell me if you need my custom map as well):

kaiserlicher spielplatz_20190429114456.meta
kaiserlicher spielplatz_20190429114456

Hope you can help!

Game Version:
Steam Public

The error is gone now, thanks!

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Completed - Next Patch

Hey Black Emperor,

We have found a minor issue with banning aspects in the My Pet Dungeon map editor resulting in broken save games. We have added a fix for this in the upcoming update thanks to your report. All your currently broken save games will load successfully once the patch is live in 2-3 weeks. Hopefully, you don't mind waiting so long. 

Thanks for putting time into creating cool My Pet Dungeon maps!

Thank you!

Sure, I can wait. :) I know there are no further content updates planned, but I'm happy to see the game still receiving support.

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