Missing Work Descriptions on Tooltips - Build V2.0.6f2

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Windows 7 64 bits

Ram: 8GB

CPU: Intel i3-4170 3.70GHz 2 Cores, 4 Logical Processors


My Pet Dungeon Hell's Deep

God Mode Enabled

Some of the Boss/Campaign Minions, Crucible Minions and Vanilla minions do not have a tool-tips mentioning the other jobs they work on, or at all (in case of boss minions).

The Witch Doctor works on the Archives (and its even mentioned on the loading screen) but the tooltip only mentions his work at the Spirit Chamber.

Image 7052

Image 7053

For Boss characters, Emperor Lucius works as an assistant on the Upgraded Barracks.

And the following work at the Sanctuary but isnt listed. Arcanist, Arcane Chunder, Angry Monk, Dwarf Arcanist.

Image 7054

Image 7055

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Cheers, our Writer will take a look and see what we want to change here

Tim White

Hi DiogenesCynicalDogo,

Thanks for taking the time to write your detailed bug report. You are eagle-eyed to spot the different rooms that all the units can work in.

I've discussed this one with our designer, and we've unfortunately decided that it is something we can't change. Though some tooltips do mention multiple rooms the units can work in, most of them only mention their primary room (though as you've noticed, some of the secondary channels do offer more insight - both the loading screen tip and the contextual tutorial speech for the Witch Doctor mention it works in the Archive). Boss units were also only ever intended to have pure-flavour tooltips, as it's generally quite rare for them to work in the dungeon (My Pet Dungeon mode excepted of course!).

So since much of this information is secondary or low priority, we are happy for players to discover it through experimentation. Also, changing the tooltips at this stage would require more localisation investment on our part, which unfortunately we are unable to justify.

I hope that explanation makes sense, and thanks again for your ticket!

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Oh yeah, i fully expected the bosses to not have tips since they are obtained very late in a game session to the point you probably get them if you already know what you are doing. Still felt like reporting to be sure along the others specially considering some appear on the vanilla campaign and the recent Undergames.