Mass heroes spawn and do not stop!

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When playing levels from the community, you randomly get heroes spawning on your side (whether playing evil or good) and they do not stop spawning. Literally hundreds! No idea how or why is it happening but it's really annoying.

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Lee "Noontide" Moon Designer & Community Manager
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Hi LordSithis,

If these are community created maps it's possible this is intended or an error in the script created by the user. Typically we would not support these and would ask you reach out to the creator of the map.

Do you have any examples where this occurs and can you clarify that this is not intended behaviour based on the level's script?

A save game from one of these levels would also be valuable.



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Declined due to a lack of response, will reopen the ticket if we receive the requested info


Sorry Lord Sithis but unless you give us what Lee has requested then there's not much more we can do here.

Can you please link us to the map that this happened on?

As Lee said it's possible that the creator of the map either made a mistake when authoring the map or intended what you're describing.