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Crash on Startup

Sims_doc 4 years ago updated by anonymous 4 years ago 3

Just installed the game, get's to the loading screen with the picture of a creature and the logo with the update.

It just gets about half way then crashes.

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Hi Sims_doc,

Sorry to hear that you're experiencing crashes after installing the game. Can you please provide us with a log, system specs and dxdiag output as outlined in this article: How to: Submit a Bug Ticket

Can you also ensure that your Windows install is completely up to date and your graphics drivers are on the latest version.



I've already uninstalled the game, it became rather unbearable to load and play with the auto-save function absent from this version.

I'll check in a few more years and see if this game is a bit more stable, I'd love to see it out of beta by 2020 personally.

Sincerely, Troy Pearson.
Completed - Resolved

There is a quicksave on F5 with quickload on F6. You can turn on automatic quicksaves in the Gameplay settings too and then load them from the load menu