UI Scaling doesn't work as expected

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When adjusting the UI scaling percentage away from 100 (default) the units tab does not appear to scale properly.

1) At any adjustment (101 or 99) the number of minion tiles displayed at one time (without scrolling) drops significantly.

100% = 13 types of units can be seen at once (without scrolling)

99% = 9.5 types can be seen

95% = 9 types

90% = 8.5 types

85% = 8 types

84% = scrolling minion cards is no longer possible and with only 8 displayed at a time... this is fairly breaking.

50% = only 4 types are visible and no scrolling is possible.

going the other direction

101% = 9.75 types can be seen

103% = 10 types

112% = 11 types

120% = 11.75 types (scroll bars still exist)

This is clearly strange behavior.

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Lee "Noontide" Moon
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Hi Endymon,

Thanks for your ticket, this is certainly behaviour that deserves further investigation. There are some known issues with this UI element already so I suspect they might be related.

As our team are currently very busy on Project: Aftercare we don't currently have the resources available to investigate but we are planning to do a pass on WFTO tickets in the near future.

In the meantime Can you confirm for me the resolution you play at?

I'll drop this into our Triage queue.




I play at 1920x1080 my native monitor resolution.

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Should be better next patch