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Way to turn get the game to load META and file map files?

midapiet 4 years ago updated by anonymous 4 years ago 5

After a bug in the lever editor where the game started spawning workers and become unable to pauze to bring up the menu.

This forced me to alt F4out of the game, but when I went back to load my map again the game has it placed under finished maps and I deleted this finished map but the WIP map was also gone.

I was able to retrieve the maps related file and META files. Is there a way to load these back into the game so I don't have to start over?

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Completed - Resolved

If you still have the file you can import it into the map editor in the map editor load screen.

If you have fully deleted that copy of the map that appeared and have no other copies then there's nothing you can do

The game still seems to think the map exists somewhere, even tough its no longer showing up in the list. As I can't make a map with the same name.

I checked out the steam\userdata folder where the game stores user made maps.

The map still exists there, but when I manualy delete that the game just places is back when I start WFtO again.

Even reinstalling the game did not seem to fix this.

I found the issue!

It was a saved scenario game that was causing the issue. I deleted it and now it lets me make another map with the same name again.

Ahh yeah a name conflict could cause that, hopefully it does not reoccur, let us know if you have any further issues