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Mighty Script Editor needs a huge revisit

SeriousToni 4 years ago updated by anonymous 4 years ago 3

I was just checking my old bug reports and also the ones from other users that came afterwards. I understand that most of the developers are working on new games, but seariously the editor needs a huge revisit by the devs. Some core functionalities like faction setup, map mirroring / pivoting and mighty script triggers have easy-to-find but huge-impact-bugs. I know most of you folks moved on to other games, but don't deminish your own work by leaving some easy-to-spot-errors there for an 99,9% finished and wonderful game experience! Please listen to the community and fix the last major bugs in a final patch! You don't own us anything, but you're really close to a totally polished and nearly everlasting product. Just take the few last steps towards it and fix the bug reports of the last year that have been leftover). Thank you so much! I really love your work tbh! :D

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GOG Galaxy
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As stated on the blog and in patch notes further bug fixes will be worked on in the coming months

Thank you, btw which blog do you speak of? :) 



That is updated semi-regularly with any plans for the game