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[Mighty Script] Trigger Event with "Number"

SeriousToni 4 years ago updated by anonymous 4 years ago 5

You can only trigger an event with an entered (static) number, not with a "Number" item from the items list picker.

Steps to recreate:

- Create a "Number" value

- Create A Trigger

- Create an Action with "Randomize Number" and choose your "Number" value

- Create an Action "Trigger Event"

- Click on the Item Picker in this event instead of typing a static number

- "There is no valid item" will appear, instead of a list of availavle "Number" values

The idea behind was to create multiple events (which each of them has a unique event ID) and to trigger a random number, that would be generated from a range of the available event IDs depending on the generated random number.

So you have four triggers. Each trigger has an event ID of 1 to 4. Every trigger spawns a wave targeting player 1 to 4. With the create random number and target trigger(randomNumber) you can trigger one of the four spawning waves, depending on which number the randomize trigger has chosen.

Sadly you can only TYPE a number in the trigger field of "trigger event ID" instead of chosing the "number" you just randomized before.

Game Version:
GOG Galaxy
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Ah ! The manual event trigger can accept string objects, not number/decimal. But you can construct a random number into a string as I mentioned in another of your tickets I believe. And then use it in there = )

Hope that helps, if not let me know and I'll assist further

Completed - Resolved