game crashed after winning first My Pet Dungeon

Melekavic 4 years ago updated by anonymous 4 years ago 4

just completed the My Pet Dungeon and it crashed referencing a 2019 file (save file maybe?)

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Hi Melekavic,

Sorry to hear you've experienced a crash whilst playing WFTO.

Am I right in assuming that your crash produced a window with a dated file in it? In that case it should have indicated that it had created a folder containing the appropriate logs.

Please can you find that folder in your game directory and upload all its contents to us?

Please can you also include your system specs and any other pertinent information as detailed here: How to: Submit a Bug Ticket

Hope we can help,


I cannot confirm that bug. Just tried and it worked for me.

Please can you post your logs

Posting Output Logs

A log is created by the game every time you play. Posting this is essential to us investigating your issue. 

Please note that this file is wiped every time the game launches, so ensure the bug you are reporting happened during your last play session. 

The location of the log can be found in the following location based on OS:


C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\War For The Overworld\WFTOGame_Data\output_log.txt




~/.config/unity3d/Subterranean Games/War For The Overworld/

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