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Creatures made VIA Sacrifice will not be auto-trained by Beastmasters in the Area.

BitNovus 4 years ago updated by anonymous 4 years ago 7

Sacrifice-born beasts such as Screechers, Terrors, Molten Skargs, etc will not be auto-trained by Beast-masters in the Arena room. Beastmasters will ignore these creatures and instead train normal Skargs, Oculi, etc. As such, unless the player manually drops these beasts into an Arena, they will have a net experience gain of 0 until they see actual combat.

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Hi NovusCrimson,

Thanks for the report. This is a very interesting edge case related to the unit varients, probably due to an oversight in the Beastmaster's AI. I'll drop it into our triage queue for us to review when we next come around to doing a patch. I can't confirm at this time whether or not the issue will be fixable.



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I second this problem. Its not that these minions do not train because they come from a Sacrifice recipe, they just arent trained automatically AT ALL regardless of where they come from.

The beastmaster does the handfist gesture to train them (listed as Training Beasts) but nothing happens.
Beastmaster doesnt train Crucible beasts 1.jpg
Beastmaster doesnt train Crucible beasts 2.jpg

This is already fixed for the next patch, thanks 

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